Research – A Quality Criterion of SOS Children's Villages

Hermann Gmeiner Academy Innsbruck, Socio-Educational Institute, SOS Children’s Village Austria, Socio-Educational Institute of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. Germany



This publication is out of print.

Research supports and enhances the potential for change in an organisation and it contributes to reflecting on professional practice. It is a quality criterion of SOS Children's Villages.


The position paper at hand was developed in the course of the strategic initiative "Research" at SOS Children's Villages. It focuses on research at SOS Children's Villages and provides the framework of orientation for the quality of research projects.

According to this concept, all research activities shall contribute to a purposeful further development of the association’s work for the welfare of children and young people in line with the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. There shall be a research culture focusing on the needs of children and young people in their socio-cultural contexts and specific situations.


Hermann Gmeiner Academy Innsbruck

The Hermann Gmeiner Academy is an independent association and, in its function as a meeting and convention centre, is a place of intercultural encounter and specialist exchange. It supports the educational work in the SOS Children’s Village facilities world-wide by focusing on analysing and further developing the SOS idea. It is also involved in assuring the quality of SOS work and is responsible for training programmes, advice and research activities. (as published in 2006)

Socio-Educational Institute, SOS Children’s Village Austria

The Socio-Educational Institute is part of the Department of Educational Science of the Austrian SOS Children’s Village Association. Since 2004, the Socio-Educational Institute has been working in the fields of research co-ordination and co-operation and socio-scientific practical research. The main focus of the institute is on promoting discourse and exchange between socio-scientific research and educational practice, supporting the development of the practice and participating in the development of the professional discourse on youth welfare issues. (as published in 2006)

Socio-Educational Institute of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. Germany

The Socio-Educational Institute forms part of the Human Resources & Educational Science area of operations of SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. Germany and carries out socio-scientific and counselling work. Its main fields of work are publications, events, research into practice projects and projects on strategic associational development. One of the tasks of the institute is to propose for discussion the practice of SOS facilities in the context of current youth welfare and sociopolitical developments and to carry out research projects on selected questions. (as published in 2006)

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