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SOS-Kinderdorf Frankfurt

We are family

Many Children aren’t growing up without the care, protection and guidance they need. SOS Kinderdorf is there, working with children, young people and families. We work to keep families together, provide alternative care when needed, support young people on their path to independence, and advocate for the rights of children. 

With strong and healthy relationships, each child and young person can grow up with the trust and sense of belonging that is essential for them to become their strongest selves. Together with donors, partners and communities, we lay the foundations for a brighter future.

SOS-Kinderdorf Frankfurt offers many opportunities to help children, young people and families in the Rhein-Main area:

  • Children & Youth residential communities
  • Counseling center
  •  Community center

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children, youth and adults were supported by SOS-Kinderdorf Frankfurt last year

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SOS-Kinderdorf Frankfurt

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